Clínica Dr. Fernando Arruda - Cirurgia Plástica

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Fernando Arruda Clinic offers the following services:

Aesthetic Surgeries

Nose: rhinoplasty, rhinosculpture, small repairs. Breast: breast alteration to correct loss of elasticity, shape, gravity and size. ...

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Repairable Surgeries

Ears: otoplasty to correct prominent ears. Hands: correction of syndactyly (congenital anomaly). Lips and Palate: lip-palate...

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Physiotherapy and Aesthetic Center

OBAGI Program: for the rejuvenation of face, neck and hands, related to bright, stains, thin wrinkles, acne consequences and skin health. ...

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To a plastic surgery accomplishment some explanations are necessary, therefore here are some explanations from the surgeon to the patient and the compulsory documents:

Informative about Body Sculpturing

Informative about Lipoplasty (Liposuction)

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